Our Trip Styles

Our trips are focused around one of 3 distinct trip styles, ranging in intensity from beginner trips to those who are looking for a deeply immersive travel experience. Those trip styles are:

WanderRock Beginnings
Designed specifically for those who want to travel, but aren't ready to fully immerse themselves in drastically different cultures, these shorter trips go to English speaking countries like The UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Perfect for those who are still picky eaters, or wanting something a little less intense, these trips offer all the same comforts of home while still allowing travelers to experience a different part of the world.

Travelers can still expect to see new sights, visit new places and do new things, but with an emphasis on comfort & ease in a somewhat familiar cultural environment.

WanderRock Adventures
Our signature trip style, WanderRock adventures takes travelers around the world to experience deep connection, build confidence & gain contrast. Locations are usually in different cultural environments, but are somewhat known to travelers already (like Italy or Japan). This trip style focuses on activities that are more adventurous and immersive, while still retaining some familiarity of home.

Travelers can expect to do more activities that are physically active, as well as culturally immersive (like learning how to cook the local cuisine). This trip style is best for those who want to see the highlights of the world that are famous for a reason, while growing as individuals, building confidence and making new friends.

WanderRock Beyond
This is our most advanced trip style, and focuses on taking travelers to safe but unknown locations throughout the globe (the kind of destinations where you might need to get out a map to see where you are going!). Activities on this trip are focused on deep cultural immersion, with a purposeful element of being in a foreign land with foreign ways.

Travelers can expect to learn about corners of the globe they had never even heard of before, while participating in deep cultural immersion, homestays and true experiences of what it is like to live in a very different way from their own. They'll come home with a unique appreciate for their own way of life, and a lot more confidence to handle the unexpected. Due to the intense nature of these trips, they may not be for everyone and we highly recommend these trips be undertaken by experienced travelers or those who have participated in previous WanderRock trips.