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The WanderRock Philosophy

WanderRock isn't really a travel organization. We're an organization that helps neurodiverse people gain the most life experience, perspective, maturity & wisdom in the shortest period of time, and we've simply found that the best way to make that happen is through travel. Here are the core tenants we operate off of:

1. Stress + Rest = Growth
We believe that growth & maturity come from the equal balance of stress & rest. If you have too much rest with not enough stress, you get lethargic and unmotivated. However, if you have too much stress without enough rest, you get overwhelmed, anxious & develop mental health issues.

The combination of good stress (from visiting new places, trying new things and the physical act of travel) plus deep restorative rest (from things like meditation, nature, hot tubs, and hanging out with friends) equals growth.

2. Contrast + Personal Experience = Perspective
A lot of times we find that neurodiverse teens and young adults have trouble making decisions and building a healthy self identity in life. While therapy and medication plays a role in helping them achieve a consistently healthy mental state, one of the biggest drivers we've found is contrast & personal experience.

Those who have had more experiences in their life have more contrast, and thus are able to have more perspective about the decisions they make in the world. It's a lot easier to navigate home life once you've had to navigate the challenges of life on the road.

3. Book Knowledge ≠ Experiential Knowledge
There's only so much that can be done through reading and learning. To get the real knowledge, you need to get out there into the experience of it, experiencing the world with all 5 senses, exploring a foreign town, or meeting new people.

There is no replacement for direct, lived experience.

4. Environments Cause Tendencies
The environments we spend the most time in tend to cause us to act in certain ways. A nice, quiet bedroom with a computer on a desk will promote time spend on that computer. A room with chairs will promote sitting. A giant cliff with a waterfall and hiking trails will cause tendencies of hiking.

We use this simple but profound principle to help our travelers engage in new activities and experiences with ease.