Why WanderRock Is Different

A WanderRock trip is unlike any experience out there. We believe that new experiences, deep connections to place & people, and experiencing different ways of life are some of the best ways to improve your life, get unstuck and build life skills. Unlike most other programs that have a therapeutic focus and are staffed by therapists, doctors and other medical professionals, our WanderRock guides are travelers, outdoor adventure education guides, yoga instructors and more.

Here are some of the ways we're different:
Small Groups: All WanderRock trips are a maximum of 12 travelers and 3 guides, which allows for a tight knit social & support net to form. No one will get lost in the crowd with our 4:1 ratio.
"Lived It" Personal Experience: WanderRock was founded by neuro-diverse people who deeply understand what its like to live with Asperger's, ADD, Anxiety, Depression, etc... because we've lived it ourselves. We take that personal experience into consideration when designing our trips so that they induce growth and provide challenge... but aren't completely overwhelming or overstimulating.
Pre & Post-Trip Follow Up: Starting about a month before each trip begins we connect all of our travelers together in a series of video calls to get to know each other, teach travel skills and help allay perfectly normal pre-travel jitters and anxieties. Unlike other programs, we have an extensive & thorough post-trip follow up program to make sure that all of our travelers are settling into regular life well. We also have our own private social media site to share photos and stay in touch.