Whats Included On Our Trips?

Nightly Accommodations

Your own bed every night.

All Planned Activities & Tickets To Attractions

Whether its visiting a museum, participating in a cooking class, doing a zip-line course or something else.

Food & Snacks

3 meals a day + snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

All Transportation

Planes, Trains, Buses, Taxis & More. Covered from our meeting spot to our ending location (locations depend on the itinerary, but both locations will always be major cities in the US).

Pre & Post Trip Check Ins

Our staff will check in with you ahead of time to prepare you for your trip, and facilitate group video chats so everyone can get to know each other ahead of time. We'll also follow up post trip for after care discussions, reflections & support.

Travel Insurance & Emergency Medical/Disaster Response Insurance

Insurance to cover everything from lost baggage to volcanos erupting. Ask us for details.

Not Included:

Flights To Our Starting Destination And From Our Ending Destination

Our trips begin and end in major U.S. cities, and you'll need to arrange your own transportation to our starting location, and from our ending location. More details are available on the individual trip itinerary page.


T-shirts, decorations, toys, etc. Keep in mind that anything more than T-Shirt in size will probably have to be shipped home because you'll be limited to carry on baggage.

Unplanned, Additional Activities

There will be plenty of free time where you can participate in other activities at your discretion. These aren't included in the price, and are offered by 3rd parties not affiliated with us. We will, however, to the best of our abilities provide guidance, advice, supervision and transportation.

On certain itineraries, we have specifically budgeted time for "Traveler Chosen" activities. This is time for our travelers to practice budgeting, planning, navigating, etc. These activities are covered in the trip fee. See specific trip itineraries for details.