Things To Keep In Mind

Travel comes with some inherent unknowns & uncomfortable moments, so we want to make sure you'll not only have a great time on our trips, but that you'll be able to eat the food thats offered, participate in the activities that the group does, and overall have a positive experience. Here's what that entails.

Long Flights & Train Rides

Our trips can involve lengthy travel. That means that you might experience a 7+ hour plane journey, or an all day train or bus ride. In other words, you'll need to be ok with long journeys. But don't worry! There will be plenty to do on board, and you'll be well taken care of. Our expert guides will make sure you are well equipped to handle the rigors of long journeys.

Less Privacy Than You May Be Used To

On our trips, you'll have your own bed but will most likely be sharing a room with someone else. In some of our accommodations, there are shared bathrooms and most of these bathrooms have individual shower stalls for your privacy. However, we stay in local accommodations whenever possible, and depending on the country and its customs, their bathing practices and facilities may differ substantially from what you are used to. See your trip itinerary for details.

New Foods

When traveling you can't always eat exactly what you'd like to. Sure in any modern big city (Berlin, Tokyo, etc) you can basically find any type of food you'd like, but in some of the smaller cities that we may be staying in there may not be the exact type of food you'd like to eat, and you may need to try something new.

We'll do our best to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences you have, but can't guarantee anything. That being said, we've found some delicious tacos in weird places like Fes, Morocco, so you'd be surprised what you can find when you are really hungry for it!

Your trip itinerary can provide more details.

Lots Of Walking & Exercise

Our trips involve lots of walking. There are days where we will be walking 5, sometimes 10 miles throughout the day. You should be in good enough health to handle that amount of walking. Depending on the itinerary, we'll also have some optional experiences that allow you to exercise in a more rigorous fashion (such as rock climbing or hiking).

If you aren't an active person already that's ok! All you need is a willingness to try and a recognition that the more you participate, the easier it is. That being said, people who are extremely out of shape or overweight may have a harder time on our trips.

Different Sleeping Arrangements

Depending on our itinerary and the local customs of the area, the mattresses you sleep on may be very hard or very soft, so you should be free from major back problems that may be aggravated by different mattress firmnesses. It's also important to note that you may be in bunk beds, so you should be able to climb up and down ladders easily.

Light Packing Requirement

We don't allow checked bags on our trips, so you'll need to pack light and for carry-on only. That means either a backpack or small roller bag. We'll provide full guidance and advice on how to do this properly, but if you are someone who needs to bring a lot with them on a trip, this may not be the trip for you. You'll be surprised how much you can do without!