The WanderRock Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to follow our main ethos: Putting more life in our travelers lives. We believe that travel is one of the best ways to gain real world skills that will last a lifetime. Those skills include...

Executive Functioning Skills

Travelers will learn & gain confidence in the practical application of logistical skills that they can take into every day life. These skills aren't something that can be taught in a classroom or by reading, so we emphasize practical experience whenever possible.

For example, travelers might have to research dinner options, negotiate with peers, check to see if the restaurant fits within their budget for the week, and plan how to get there on public transportation.

We focus primarily on these areas:
  • Sequencing and Processing: Gathering information, prioritizing that information and then acting on it
  • Time & Money: Budgeting, time management and practicing value judgements
  • Problem Solving: Thinking through the steps required to achieve a goal, readjusting expectations, and being persistent.

Perspective & Wisdom Building

One of the great things about travel is that by experiencing different cultures, it gives our travelers a new sense of perspective & a greater wisdom as they go about their daily life. Our program uses deep cultural immersion & the physical environment to give our travelers a greater understanding of themselves, their worldview and the people around them.
  • Building Empathy & Creating Tolerance: Seeing people as individuals with their own struggles, successes and preferences.
  • Re-Aligning Personal Stories: Creating new self identities, building confidence & self esteem and shifting the personal stories we tell about our efficacy in the world.
  • Becoming More Flexible: Moving from black and white thinking to grey areas by experiencing different cultural norms & practicing acceptance

Self Care & Emotional Regulation

Being out on the road teaches our travelers a lot about their basic needs, and our program highlights those needs and helps our travelers make good decisions about eating, relaxation, sleep, hydration & more, based on their own felt sense of checking in with themselves.
  • Emotional Capacity & Vagal Tone: Increasing resilience to stressors and building the capacity to tolerate difference
  • Deep Relaxation: Practicing meditation, mindfulness, stillness and other aspects of unwinding
  • Bodily Needs: Checking in with your body to know when to eat, sleep, rest, drink, etc.

Social & Community Engagement

Our travelers will have many, many opportunities to connect with their peers and the people of the various communities we visit, which will allow them to practice social skills & community engagement in a safe, welcoming way.
  • Sharing & Advocating: Travelers will practice advocating for their wants & needs in the group, and sharing ideas, concerns & preferences with others.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Building leadership, team & communication skills in a wide variety of settings & experiences
  • Building Motivation: Understanding desires, and learning to rally a group around a common goal